Types of SEO Services in Mumbai

06Nov, 2018

As an online business owner, you must have come across the term ‘search engine optimization’ also known as SEO that allows you to improve your business online presence. Interestingly, each website owner looks at it through a different lens because of the wrong notions that are associated with what it can do. A majority of the people would agree that it is all about using the right keywords and incorporating them into the content and presenting it to the audience. However, in the current scenario where business is much more competitive than ever before, SEO has moved beyond keywords.

Here we take a quick look at how SEO has diversified itself into various segments to cater to the needs of different businesses.

Types of SEO Services in Mumbai :

1) Mobile SEO

The world is going mobile and you can’t deny the fact that the number of online users searching the web on mobile devices have increased drastically in the past few years. As more and more online visitors boost the power of mobile devices, businesses need to adapt to the changing business environment and ensure that they make use of mobile SEO for future success. While your business might have invested in the mobile-optimized site, it might not be enough to optimize the web content and help your business connect with a larger group of potential customers. Today, majority of the consumers are connected to social media through mobile devices. They also make use of enhanced local search through mobile devices and look for specific information related to your business through a mobile device. This clearly indicates that a sound mobile SEO campaign can help you put your business on the local and global map


2) E-commerce SEO

While it is true that a good product is all that you need to do business, it is also true that competitors are selling equally good products. With thousands of e-commerce websites mushrooming all over the internet it is easy to get lost in the crowd. For any e-commerce website, sales is the most important factor of all. However, too many rival companies can eat up your sales’ volume and profit, if you don’t market your business well enough. E-commerce SEO can boost your business and take it to the next level providing your business better brand visibility, good web standards, targeted traffic, unique content and repeat business to keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

3) Video SEO

If a picture can say a thousand words, a video can say a trillion. The power of video marketing has grown significantly in the past few years. Various businesses are now harnessing the power of video content to lure their potential customers into buying their products and services and presenting an idea in a creative manner. However, it is difficult for a search engine crawler to look for keywords in a video content. In fact, video SEO has become so important because of precisely this reason; it works as a link to help search engines find relevant videos based on the keywords and reach the audience at a quick rate. With video, businesses can harness the power of YouTube and other websites to reach out to a larger audience using the right content.

4) Local SEO

Advanced internet technology has made it easier for local entrepreneurs and creative minds to start up their own business online. However, local businesses often find it challenging to find clients and customers locally. Local SEO uses a wide range of optimization techniques that allow small and medium sized businesses to get better page ranking for local searches. The concept of local works great for small businesses that focus on local customers rather than multinationals that have a global customer base. With local SEO, small businesses can create their brand identity and reach out to customers in their locality and make a profit out of it.

5) App Store Optimization

Millions of people today search for products and services online through their mobile devices and many of them use apps to do so. App Store Optimization is an organic approach to help businesses spike the volume of downloads to achieve a higher ranking in the app store. On a basic level, ASO is very much similar to SEO. While SEO focuses on optimization of a site for search engines, ASO optimizes the app for the app store.

Search engine optimization has become an integral part of the online business because of the increasingly competitive business environment and disruptive business ideas and concepts that have taken the world by storm. Entrepreneurs and innovators are leveraging the power of the internet to reach out to their customers in a cost-effective way while ensuring better profit and growth.


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